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Schindler Now Offers PORT Technology With 400AE MRLS

Published Friday, July 26, 2019
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The Schindler 400AE™ machine room-less traction elevator is now available with the company’s PORT Technology destination-dispatch system as an option. With this technology, the system can further improve traffic handling by up to 40 percent, meaning more efficient elevator usage and fewer power requirements. When coupled with available Power Factor 1 drives that actually return power to the building, and permanent magnet gearless motor technology, the Schindler 400AE can reduce energy usage even further. The Schindler 400AE system has also been expanded for use in taller buildings up to 260 feet in rise and offers durable materials and construction, contributing to a product lifespan that is up to 33% longer than the industry standard.

“We're listening to our customers and understand the importance of offering significant value to their bottom line,” commented Bill Fiacco, president, Sales and Marketing."By expanding the Schindler 400AE system to higher-rise buildings, offering a wide variety of architectural features, providing a more durable system, and adding the benefits of Schindler’s revolutionary PORT destination-dispatch technology, customers can turn an ordinary system into an extraordinary, custom elevator solution for their buildings. In the process, they receive improved traffic handling, reduced energy usage and a more sustainable building.”

The Schindler 400AE's compact permanent magnet gearless machine can be installed within a simple hoistway and mounted directly to the elevator rails, requiring less building construction interface, easier site preparation and less lead time. A small, easy-access controller cabinet does it all, without intruding on rentable building space.

The Schindler 400AE is available in up to 5,000 pound capacities and for speeds up to 500 feet per minute. If preferred, machine-room options are available. A broad portfolio of finishes and options for cab interiors and fixtures is available to suit all decors. In addition, from Schindler’s website, architects, specifiers, general contractors and others in the building design and construction industry in the U.S. and Canada can access links to create three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic BIM models for the Schindler 400AE, resulting in fewer errors or omissions which help reduce change orders and improve quality.

The PORT Technology provides building owners with:

1.Improved traffic handling capacity by as much as 40%.

2.Reduced passenger wait and destination times, improving tenant productivity.

3.Access control options can allow the partition of tenants to provide a unique experience for each tenant within the building.

4.Personalization options can ensure comfort for all passengers, including concierge service for passengers who require privacy.

5.The PORT system can also seamlessly manage delivery and maintenance calls without disrupting normal traffic.